Well lookit me! Here I am with my own shop - finally!
I'm more than a bit excited you're here. My kids and I have been working on making some earrings that we think are a new addition to the world (well, we've never seen anything like them anyway). I got so excited by them that I felt they deserved their own shop and here we are. Well that and my efforts to push my children into the workforce have thus far failed so, yaknow we need to eat and all too.
This online shop won't be like you're usual ones because we're not usual people. For one we're a family, mostly consisting of children and children aren't the best at sounding professional.  You'd see right through us if we tried to pretend to be something we're not so we're just going to keep things simple and be who we are. Which is a somewhat irreverent, silly and colourful family. 
My teenage son and I made most of the "Things I've said to my kids" Collection, though the 9, 10 and 16 year olds also helped. I make all the Recycled Rainbows collection and the headpieces and other pieces of wearable art. I have more collections in the pipeline too.
One thing I've been super excited about it showing the world the incredible pics from our photoshoot, all featuring our handmade earrings, made in our house on the hill in Donegal, Ireland. 
Our mission is to make the world more colourful - we hope you'll join us!
Taryn xx
  • August 31, 2019
  • Taryn Gleeson