My then 5 year old was learning about bugs and beetles at school. She would get very enthusiastic about projects so when she got home from school she went around the house collecting all the bug-related books we had. Then she set off into the backyard with an empty cereal box to find some bugs and bettles to bring to school. 
About an hour later she came back inside, looking dishevelled and very pleased with herself. 
Stuffed into the box was a lot of grass and flowers so I wasn't able to see the collection of spiders and beetles she had amassed but she assured me she had collected about 25 different beetles. I told her she could take them to school but then she'd have to let them go. 
She asked if they could stay in the house and I said no way as they might all escape. I suggested she find somewhere safe for them outside, like in the shed or under the car even.
The next morning we all got in the car and my daughter let out an anguished scream.
"What is it? What's wrong?" I asked.
"It's my beetles, they've all escaped!" She said, looking down on the floor of the car where the cereal box was tipped over and open.
Turns out she had thought IN the car would be a good place to keep her creepy crawlies!

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